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Writing the Recipe

September 26th, 2022

Cooking Method – Do you preheat the oven,
start the grill, season the pizza stone? Not
everyone reads through a recipe before
embarking on the culinary adventure of making
the dish. Give your readers a bread – tell
them up front what pans they need and what
they need to do to them before they are ready
to pour the batter, or grill the steaks.

The Process – My favorite cookbooks are the
ones that tell a story, either as an
introduction to the recipe, or during the
paragraphs explaining the steps. You can
number the steps, or write it as an
explanation. In your pizza recipe, include the
history of pizza, your history with pizza, how
to make thin, crisp crusts or simple ways to
make cheese-stuffed crust if you want
something new to feed your teens. You can
weave your tidbits into the recipe – one
cookbook on breads gave a recipe for making
French baguettes with hard crusts. The key was
to spray the bread with water during the
baking. The author shared that she had,
unintentionally, spritzed water on the oven’s
light bulb causing the hot bulb to shatter all
over the baking bread.

So how does the cook know when it’s finished?
Don’t just give the time parameters. Cake
recipes talk about the toothpick test. Flans,
I learned, are done when they are in the firm
yet wobbly stage. When making candy, be kind
to cooks without candy thermometers and define
what the hardball and softball stages look
like when staring into the pot at a spoon
covered in goo.